In Kauderwelsch the child is central. All actions are directed by the fundamental needs of the children. The daily events are structured in a regular way, but they are often adapted to the current and individual needs of the children.
There is a minimum of fixed ‚Scheduled events’ that interrupt the kids play. The opportunity and ability for the children to play freely is an elementary part of their development. Here they learn with all their senses in social situations appropriate for their individual development. We watch, guide and encourage them in these processes.

The two groups in Kauderwelsch offer each child a peer group and dedicated teaching staff for that group. Despite this anchorage in one group, in many parts of the day the children experience open doors throughout the center. This enables them to make contact with the older or younger children and all adults in the center. Because of this, transitions for each child can be made gently and all children benefit from each other in their development.

One day at Kauderwelsch

from 8:00am

The children arrive and are greeted by the teaching staff. Parents are welcome to spend time in the centre and to enable a gentle transition into the daycare or Kindergarten day. Many children jump right into group play and often spread across all of the rooms.

from 9:00am

In each of the groups the day is begun with a morning circle and each person is welcomed. Following this, the group has breakfast together. The children bring their breakfast snack from home. Once a week in each group there is ‘big breakfast’ which is made together by the children and adults.

from 10:30am

After washing up, nappy changes, etc. the childrean have play time – inside and out. In this time educational projects are available to the children, the group goes on small outings.
As part of this playtime there are often projects that involve children from both age groups, for example play together in the garden or open age projects on Thursdays.

from 12:00 noon

The organic, vegetarian lunch, delivered by götterspeisen, is eaten in each group. The smaller children (toddlers) eat first, they are often tired already from playtime that they already look forward to the nap-time that follows.
In the Kindergarten group there is also a Quiet-time after lunch, allowing children to follow their need for sleep, hearing stories or other calm activities.Once a week the lunch meal is made by the parents, each family taking turn for their group.

from 2:00pm

Once all the children have had time to rest, there is a further playtime and group tidy-up. The group day is then ended with a collective circle.

from 3:00pm

All those who are hungry can choose a snack, the children play or are picked up. Parents are welcome to join in and stay for this part of the day.

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